NYX Strobe Of Genius Palette & Swatches

I thought it was about time I did a post dedicated to this palette. I’m sure everyone knows the brand NYX. They make incredible, on trend, cruelty free makeup. It’s amazing quality but extremely reasonably priced! I’m yet to try a product from NYX I don’t like. I use their micro brow pencil everyday (I prefer it to the ABH Brow wiz and it’s a third of the price!) This palette though is one of my favourite products ever and I don’t feel it gets enough hype! I lusted over this for months until my boyfriend surprised me with it last Christmas.

NYX Strobe of a genius highlight palette

You get 7 shades (worth 20g) for just Β£16! (Less if you get your hands on it during one of Feel Unique’s sales!) There is literally a shade for every occasion in this palette. Some shades are very pigmented, others are more subtle. In my opinion five of the shades are perfect for pale skin. The other two I find too dark for me but I use them as eyeshadows so they definitely don’t go to waste!

The pallete has a yellowy shade (I use this for eyeshadow), pinky rose, lilac, rose gold, gold, bronze (I use this for eye shadow too) and champagne. I have left the swatch photos unedited so you can see what the shades are really like on pale skin.

NYX Strobe of genius highlighter palette swatchNYX Strobe of genius highlighter palette swatch

The champagne and pinky rose shades are my two favourites for everyday. They’re not extremely pigmented so they give a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin though they’re definitely blendable. The bronze, gold, rose gold and lilac are very pigmented but so smooth and blendable.

Honestly you cannot go wrong with this pallete. My friend who has very tanned skin also has this pallete and she absolutely loves it too so it’s definitely perfect for everyone. It’s so affordable for the quality. If someone was to take away all my highlighters this would be the one I’d keep as it’s so versatile! I really don’t think this gorgeous palette gets the hype it deserves! I also think this is a great palette to start with if you’re just beginning to try out highlighting as the shades are easy to work with and blend out beautifully with not a lot of work.

You can buy this from Boots, Feel Unique and lots of other places so it’s easily accessible. Do you own this pallete or have you tried it before?

PaleGirlRambling xo


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25 thoughts on “NYX Strobe Of Genius Palette & Swatches”

  1. I must admit, I still haven’t tried NYX. But that brow pencil you mentioned sounds like something I need! My current brow kit is almost out. I really like the colors in this palette, especially the ones on the pink side of the spectrum. And so glad you showed them swatched!



  2. Great post! I’ll be getting this as a gift for my sister she is very pale so she struggles finding highlights and other products that suit her skin tone I think she’ll love this


  3. This palette looks gorgeous! The swatches are stunning and I love that you described how pigmented the different shades are and their textures. I’m a huge NYX fan too so will definitely be looking into this!

    Charlotte xx

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  4. I absolutely love NYX too and this looks like such a lovely palette. I love the look of the lilac highlight as a it’s a bit different, whether I could pull it off is another question thought haha.


  5. This is really pretty. I have yet to invest in a highlighting type of palette, but I do love NYX. I might just have to go see for myself. I love their brow pencils too. I have their Micro Brow Pencil and the Automatic Pencil (I think that’s what it’s called). They’re great quality and so affordable!

    Ashlynn |


  6. Ah! I just recently started using NYX. I have their setting spray and one of the liquid eyeliners I can’t use for the life of me. I’ve been so satisfied with the quality and price, so I imagine this palette is up to par. I’m a pale girl, so I appreciate the swatch. Pink and champagne are totes my vibe. I might have to pick it up!

    Breanna Catharina


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