Cleaning makeup brushes

Let’s be serious, cleaning make up brushes and beauty blenders are most girls pet hate. It is so important to do though as it prevents horrible bacteria growing on our brushes and inside our sponge. The is the second post about cleaning my makeup tools. If you haven’t seen my Beauty Blender cleaning routine make sure you check it out!


If I don’t have time to deep clean my makeup brushes I like to useΒ Shadow Switch if you read my review you’ll know how much I fell in love with it. Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleanser and is such a handy tool to have. The little sponge takes powder product off your makeup brushes meaning you can swap between eyeshadow colours or highlighters, blushes and bronzers without having to properly wash your brushes and wait forever for them to dry!


To deep clean my brushes I use Johnsons baby shampoo, it’s extremely gentle so won’t strip my brushes or cause my beautiful Spectrum Brushes to loose their colour. I start by filling my sink with warm water and holding a few brushes in the water making sure that only the bristles are wet and not the handles or the metal piece that joins the bristles to handles. This metal piece is where the glue is and if it gets damp or warm it will melt and your gorgeous makeup brushes will fall apart! I then put about an 5p piece size of shampoo onto the brush and rub it around on the little pink tool above (it’s called a brush egg!) For face brushes I use the long flat bristles and for eye shadow brushes I use the smaller circular bristles at the top. This wee egg really helps to get all the powder/cream out of my brushes without damaging the bristles. It also makes cleaning much quicker! I rinse off the shampoo and run the brush under the cold water. It’s important to gently ring out the bristles, gentle being the important word though as you don’t want to cause damage! Finally I buff the brush on a clean towel meaning the bristles settle in their natural shapes and leave them on a window sill with the bristles hanging over the edge so they can dry properly the whole way round the brush head.


I would like to say I deep clean my brushes every week but let’s be serious, we’re all busy people and don’t always have time for that! So I make sure to wash my powder, bronzer, highlighter and blush brush every Sunday morning (as I use them almost every day!) but my other brushes which aren’t used everyday I’d say to wash them every two or so weeks depending on how much use they’ve had.

Do you have a routine for cleaning your brushes? Don’t forget to check out my post on how to clean your Beauty Blender!

PaleGirlRambling xo


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35 thoughts on “Cleaning makeup brushes”

  1. I usually wash my brushes every 2 weeks and I use a mild shampoo or a soft face cleanser and both products do an amazing job. It is so satisfying to wash my brushes, I really love the process!!


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  2. I looooove using johnsons to clean my brushes it’s so gentle and does such a good job! I try and do a big clean every week or two but it’s so tedious.

    As always really impressive photography! Giving me so much inspo.

    Laura xo

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  3. A friend and I were literally just chatting about how to clean our brushes this morning! She puts hers in the dishwasher! I like the idea of baby shampoo, though.


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  4. Ah that’s such a good routine! For mine I use a little bit of micellar water if the brush has not been cleaned in a while, then gentle face wash! But I might start using the shampoo since it’s worked so well for you πŸ™‚

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  5. I really need to invest in a little took to help me wash my brushes, I use shampoo and swirl around which does work well however I think a took would do an even better job!!

    Sarah | xx

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  6. Shadowswitch sounds amazing, I’m one of those people who’s super lazy with cleaning brushes but this post definitely makes me want to get a routine going. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    – Ruminvte xo

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  7. So glad I came across this article! Thanks so much for sharing your tips, I will definitely use them! I’ve been looking for different ways to clean my make up brushes for ages! Great post! πŸ™‚


  8. I see you with the Spectrum brushes! I have some too! I have a brush cleaner mat I use, and it is a life saver! It makes my brushes look practically new again. I can’t imagine not cleaning my brushes now that I have a white set. I can see how dirty they get! Xx

    Breanna Catharina

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  9. This reminds me to clean mine this evening! You’re much more organised than me to do yours every sunday morning, i do mine as and when i remember – and sprits with brush cleanser most of the time *gah!


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