Cleaning your Beauty Blender

Let’s be serious, cleaning make up brushes and beauty blenders are most girls pet hate. It is so important to do though as it prevents horrible bacteria growing on our brushes and inside our sponge. This is a two part post, this one, as you can tell from the title, is all about cleaning your beauty blender and next week’s post will be about cleaning makeup brushes. If you’ve read my post on my Holy Grail Products you’ll know a Beauty Blender is something I cannot live without for applying foundation, concealer and other cream products. I truly believe the ‘Original Beauty Blender’ is the best, I’ve tried many out but nothing quite compares to this little pink egg!


As you can see from the photo above the Beauty Blender at the bottom has definitely seen better days (and is even missing it’s top thanks to a little accident when Finn was left unattended with my makeup bag!) I thought it was fair to leave it like this to show you just how well cleaning works.

I wash my Beauty Blender every time I use it and like to do it straight away as I think it’s easier to get all the product out and completly minimises the chance of any nasties being able to grow inside! I like to keep it nice and simple and use the Original Beauty Blender Cleanser that comes with the Beauty Blender as I feel it does the best job and I also love the smell of it! It’s so fresh!

As I wash it straight after use the sponge is already fully expanded but I squish it under water as hot as my hands can cope with a few times to take any excess product off. I then apply a generous amount of cleanser and roll the blender in between my hands for a few minutes. I rinse it under hot water, squeezing until the water runs clear and repeat this two maybe three times depending how much product is on the sponge.


As you can see the Beauty Blender is left with no product what so ever! Obviously the pink is not as bright as the other two but this extremely bright pink dye washes out of your blender after one or two washes. (And doesn’t stain and is completly normal!)

Once it’s clean I like to leave my Beauty Blender sitting onto of it’s pot to air dry and as it dries it shrinks and falls into its pot or leave it in the little bag in the picture. My Jane Iredale Magic Mitt came in the bag but it’s perfect for my Beauty Blender as it lets it air dry but doesn’t let it get all icky in your makeup bag!

Just to show you how well the Blender Cleanser actually works I cut my dead Blender in half. I’ll be completely honest with you, I’ve been using it for probably 10 months now! (I know the recommended time is 3 months but it looked alright so I thought I’d see how it lasted!) and I am so impressed, the whole inside of the sponge is completly clean! I hope this helps those of you who are sceptical about sponges see that they’re not bad and full of nasties as long as they’re taken care of properly!


I hope this helped if you were unsure about how to wash your sponge! How do you clean your Beauty Blender?

PaleGirlRambling xo


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42 thoughts on “Cleaning your Beauty Blender”

  1. I don’t really use a beauty blender but I tend to wash my brushes first with micellar water to get most of the product out, then gentle face wash to thoroughly clean (basically how I clean my face). I’ll remember to read this again though if I invest in one of the blenders as it seems really helpful!

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  2. This so helpful! Thankyou so much!! Whenever I clean my beauty blender , it rips and it’s so disappointing xx


  3. I wish mine came out as clean as yours! For some reason they just keep getting stained 😦 even when I use a cleanser to clean it and wait until the water runs clear etc nothing seems to work 😦 maybe it’s the sponge itself?!…



  4. I try my best to clean my makeup bruses and beauty blenders often but I still don’t do it a’s often as I should. Tbh I don’t even wear makeup as much as I used too.
    I’ve never used this product before to clean my beauty blender but I use the Freedom brush bath and that’s amazing, I think it’s around Β£5-Β£7 for a big tub of soap.

    Sabah ||


  5. Oh my goodness this helped me out so much! I’ve been putting off cleaning my beauty blenders for a while since I thought it would be hard to get the product out but after reading this I’m going to go and get them nice a clean. This was so helpful.
    -Olivia Xxxx


  6. LOL. How do I clean my beauty blender? I don’t, haha. Well, to be fair, I don’t own one! I did have one once, but wasn’t too crazy about it, probably because of the brand maybe? But I would agree it’s probably more convenient to clean it immediately after use! Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚

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  7. I love that you cut your old Beauty Blender in half to really show us how clean it is! I have yet to try out the Beauty Blender, but I’ll have to keep these tips in mind for when I do. I’m currently using the Real Techniques sponge and baby shampoo to wash. It seems to be doing a good job, but I’ve never cut it in half to really see! Great post! πŸ™‚


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  8. Thank you for sharing! Especially cutting it in half to show how clean it really is after using and cleaning properly. I was skeptical of a sponge for daily use due to bacteria that they can harbor. I need to get one ASAP after all the great reviews I’ve seen and read. πŸ™‚


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